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This 5 Part Documentary Series Will Make Sure You Keep Your Memories, Enjoy Your Golden Years And Never Become A Burden To Your Family.


Watch All 5 Episodes Of This Documentary FREE-And Stay Dementia Free Your Entire Life!

From: Nickolas Fransen L.Ac. Integrative Medicine Clinician

RE: The Truth About Memory Loss

Date: October 6, 2016


Dear Friend,


Alzheimer's causes the kind of heartache you feel in your bones.


It rips away the fabric of reality from your loved ones... deletes cherished memories of happiness and laughter... and often leaves caretakers feeling like there's no escape.


It is truly one of the worst things that can happen to your family.


Once you witness its devastating impact, you vow to never let it happen to you... never to forget the best times of your life... and never to make your children suffer.


Yet, unfortunately, your chances of developing Alzheimer's are quite high.


Since 2010, there have been over 780,000 cases in America... and the number is growing exponentially. In fact, nearly 40 million Baby Boomers are likely to develop this deadly disease.


And 1 in 3 Americans will be diagnosed with it after the age of 75.


Doctors typically chalk this up to genetics.

The truth is only 5% of all Alzheimer's patients have the Alzheimer's gene.


Yes, you read that right.


Only 5% of Alzheimer's patients have the Alzheimer's gene.


The other 95% developed it from common, every day factors.

When I came across these statistics, it made me question everything I'd ever heard.


So much so, I chose to dedicate my life to studying the brain and getting to the bottom of Alzheimer's Disease.


Through my studies, I created a documentary with the help of a dedicated team shedding light on this horrific disease, and why so many people are falling prey to it.


Over a dozen medical professionals across the country gave us their time for interviews, and their insight was nothing less than astonishing (and a bit terrifying)...


We've decided to make this entire 5 part Documentary Series FREE to get the word out and help you and your family start down the path of preventing this disease from ever making its way into your lives.


Here's the truth: No matter who you are or where you come from,  you are at risk.


However, your brain has the ability to change. It can create and repair cells until the day you die.


That means you can take action to reduce your and your family's risk of Alzheimer's...


And if someone you love is already showing signs, you can slow the progression or even restore brain function.


Despite what doctors would have you believe otherwise.


The thing is, you can only do that if you can recognize the power you have to make a change.


Alzheimer's has destroyed far too many families. Don't let yours be the next.


To your health and wellness,


Dr. Nickolas Fransen


The Epidemic of the Century:

Dementia, Alzheimer's Disease, & Memory Loss.


Learn how this disease is reaching epidemic proportions and how it can slowly and methodically destroy the lives of all it touches.


Reactions by Real People About The Truth About Memory Loss


"I run a care facility in Hawaii and we would really love to have you come lecture at our facility Nick! Many of our residents loved the material and have started incorporating much of the recommendations. They are very excited. Why isn't anyone telling us this stuff?"


Rhoda Meyers



"I am in my 40's and my brother died of alzheimer's disease in his 50's. He was an active athlete and engineer. I never would have thought he would suffer of such a condition. I purchased this series after being so impressed with the 1st hour. I am busy thinking out how I am going to start changing my lifestyle so I don't ever get this disease."


Glade Haberstrom


"I have desperately been looking for something to help me avoid Alzheimer's Disease. My father died of it, and so did my brother. I would have paid 2 times the amount of money for the info that has been laid out here in this documentary. So grateful."


Fred Jensen


"This film is absolutely wonderful! I work at a senior citizen center and I wanted to know if I could show it to our members. So many we have lost to dementia. Thanks for your work!"


Marge Nickel


"Nick, I am a grumpy old man of 86.  I think I have a senior moment every 5 minutes. But, it's never too late to start and I am excited to have this material and I am now eating much differently after watching your documentary. I really enjoyed the material."


Alexander Ross


""I bought this material because I want to support your cause. My mother died of Alzheimer's disease and I personally took care of her for 8 years. This is a terrible disease and people MUST know how to avoid it. Thank you."


Ed Smith

Inside this documentary, you'll discover:


  • How doctors have brainwashed you to believe nothing can be done... and why you shouldn't listen to them.


  • The #1 reason your genes don't guarantee Alzheimer's... and how you can “turn them off” to prevent it.


  • The hidden “condition” in 35% of the population that increases your chances of developing Alzheimer's by 100 – 200%. (And how to recognize it before it's too late.)


  • The Finnish secret that improved memory by 35% in seniors and practically eliminated their symptoms of dementia.


  • How some “Alzheimer's Survivors” were able to turn their lives around after being told there was no hope...


  • And so much more...

Meet The Experts

Jeanette Norden, Ph.D.

Lynn Johnson Ph.D.

Martha C. Morris, Ph.D.

Ocean Robbins

Ronnie Newman Ed.M.

Vincent Fortenasce, MD

What People Are Saying

Thank You! What a wonderful and exceptionally helpful series. I had no idea there were somany different things I can do RIGHT NOW to help my brain!

Josephine, Portland


My family has a long history with Alzheimer's. As as now I have no symptoms, but I want to be prepared. You showed me many different things I can do, plus many great resources I did not know about. I have started watching the series and looking forward to more.

Stephan, Alabama


For the past several years my mother's slowly deteriorating memory has caused me great stress. I cannot tell you how worried, frustrated and lonely I have felt. Thanks to your efforts I now know that I am not alone and that many people are struggling with similar issues. Thanks you so much for sharing these wonderful resources.

Tamara, Texas


Watch All 5 Episodes Of This Documentary FREE-And Stay Dementia Free Your Entire Life!

Why are we doing this?  We're on a mission to educate the planet and eliminate Alzheimer’s and dementia forever through our work and the charities we support.

The more you know about this deadly disease, the better your chances are for preventing it.


I look forward to hearing your thoughts after watching this video. Please feel free to reach out to me at


Best Wishes