10 Ways to Prepare Your Body for Detox

Undergoing a period of cleansing in order to rid your body of toxins and other disease-causing agents is a great way to preserve your physical and mental health.  However, going through a detox can be a rigorous time, and if your body is not properly prepared it can be quite a challenge to finish.  Here are some things you should do in order to get yourself ready, and to ensure that your body is up to the rigors of detoxing.

Develop the right mindset.  The most important part of successfully completing a detox is making sure that your mind is ready.  It can be challenging, and it can be both mentally and emotionally tiring.  To this end, you need to make sure that you are ready mentally: getting yourself psyched up, and approach this with the idea that you are going to make it.  Make sure your family and friends are ready to be supportive and lend assistance when you need it.  This will be a team effort, so have your team ready to go.

10 Ways to Prepare Your Body for DetoxMake sure you are getting enough rest.  When you are undergoing a detox program you should be ready for the possibility that you will begin to feel tired and fatigued.  Remember that you are expending a significant amount of your body’s energy towards healing and ridding itself of some of the toxins that have built up in it.  Be sure that your schedule allows for enough time to get at least 8 hours of sleep each night; further, if you can, leave time for a short nap in the afternoon.  Being adequately rested will do wonders for you.

Studies show that sleep can improve cognitive health.

Drink water.  Your body is using water to flush out some of the impurities and toxins that have built up in it.  You need enough water to keep things running smoothly, so try to drink at least a gallon of water each day.


10 Ways to Prepare Your Body for DetoxSpend time in the sun.  By spending time sweating in the sun, you will help your body cleanse itself.  When you sweat you open up your pores, and the sweat carries the toxins away.  In addition, you’ll be getting your Vitamin D, and the time relaxing will do wonders for your mental state.

Wait on the exercise.  High intensity exercise has plenty of benefits, but when you are undergoing a cleanse you should hold off on too much of it.  Your body needs the energy for other things, and you need to remain rested in order to make it through this time.

Remember to filter your shower water.  You absorb toxins not only by ingesting them; you also absorb them through your skin.  As such, you need to filter toxins from your shower water before bathing.

Watch the carbs.  Too many carbohydrates lead to elevated sugar levels.  They also cause your body to release stress hormones.  Both conditions are conditions that you can do without when you are undergoing a detox.

These are some of the best nutrients for brain health.

10 Ways to Prepare Your Body for Detox

Drink herbal teas.  Organic herbal teas contain plenty of helpful compounds such as antioxidants and other things that strengthen your body’s immune and other systems.  Do your research on what teas offer which benefits, and make sure to drink the ones you need most.

Do eat protein and (healthy) fats.  To help your body level out blood sugar, be sure you’re eating enough protein and healthy fats.

Look into fermented beverages.  Certain fermented beverages help your body make it through detox programs.  These drinks—such as coconut water kefir—contain vitamins, minerals, and enzymes that support your body and help you make it.

When you’re going through a detox program, make sure you take all the above steps to maximize your chances of a successful detox.